SUPER HYDRO INOX SH 630 allowed to compensate 11 of misalignement thanks to it 1000 long body

SH 630 (range 1840-1880 mm)

This large size SH630 (range 1840-1880) was designed and manufactured in less than 12 working hours on request of a contractors involved in some maintenance of the new “Bari Ovest” water treatment plant, managed by Acquedotto Pugliese S.p.A.
It was necessary to joint two DN1800 GRP pipes with 11° of angular misplacement, so we had to provide them a coupling with an extra-long sleeve (1000 mm). Together with the large sealing gasket used on the Super Hydro universal couplings, the coupling was capable to accomodate the misalignment.
The only other way to joint the two heads of the GRP pipe was by demolishing the concrete wall aside the pipeline.
Super Hydro avoided any other invasive and costly kind of intervention.

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