Il giunto di riparazione di nuova generazione Hydro Fast

Hydro Fast HF 30 dedicater repair coupling (for DN300 steel pipe)

This Hydro Fast HF30 for DN350 steel pipe was manufactured in about 8 hours for an extremely urgent repair on a pipeline located in northern Apulia. Due to a breakage occurred on a DN350 steel pipe, the supply of potable water to some towns in the Foggia district was discontinued. So many thousands of people were waiting that the water supply was finally restored. The leak was located on a segment of the pipe that had already been repaired earlier..
To encapsulate also remnants of two old stainless steel clamps it was necessary to provide for a collar with a longer carter.
The installation was performed by the contractor as soon as the Hydro Fast arrived on site, under the supervision of the Acquedotto Pugliese personnel.
Water supply was finally restored in less than 30 minutes.

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