HYDRO STOP HS 150 for DN 600 pipes with a 1800 mm long housing carter

Hydro Stop HS 150 (range 600-640 mm) dedicated repair collar

This special version of the Hydro Stop HS 150 was manufactured with an extra-long carter (1800 mm) to repair a severe leak on a DN600 concrete pipe managed by the Acquedotto Pugliese S.p.A.
Other than the leak located on the socket it was necessary provinding also to repair leakages due to the longitudinal breaks located on the wall of the pipe and close to the socket itself.
Any stoppage of the water was not taken under consideration because of the importance of the pipeline and so it was asked us to provide a solution capable to fix all the problems all at once.
Thanks to its extra-long carter the Hydro Stop collar was capable to accomodate both the leaking socket as well as the whole damaged pipe section restoring the perfect sealing.

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