fornitura di giunti per condotta Hydro Stop DN 3000

HYDRO STOP universal repair collar for DN3000 steel pipe

Between 2016 and 2018 E.I.P.L.I. asked us to provide them a viable solution to repair eight big leaks located on the joints of the biggest southern italian pipeline “Adduttore Sinni” DN3000.
This big steel pipelines serves fresh water to Basilicata and Apulia (to about 4 million of people) and it spreads over about 130 km on the ionian arch.
Due to the importance of the “Adduttore Sinni” it was necessary to repair the leaks without causing any discomfort or disservice to the population and to the economic activities in the whole area.
After the inspection on the pipeline we collected data to manufacture eight different Hydro Stop capable to repair eight different kind of leaks.
Our operators provided the installation of these eight big collars with the pipeline working at an average pressure of 16 bar.
It was a big challenge because some of the joints had to be cleaned from the vegetation and dirt to make possible the installation.
All installations were performed without any problem and E.I.P.L.I. was really impressed by the Hydro Stop.
To date this DN3000 Hydro Stop are the biggest ever installed.

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