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 In more than thirty-five years experience in repairing pipelines, and water distribution networks, we have built a very respectable curriculum, making continuous innovation and tradition respect our guide principles.

All repairings we have made in these years, in several different contexts, have helped us to build a really solid know-how and experience in building and installing of joints and special pieces for irrigating, wastewater and drinking waters.

Not only builders, but also installers.

This is the way we have followed to achieve our knwoledges about installing troubles related to joints and special pieces. Knowing how to install your products, you can also desing them better.

Build thinking to installation.

This approach is the perfect way to improve our products, solving all troubles related to installation ensuring to our customers saving costs, together with the best and durable repairing solutions.

These are the main focus, as for us, as well so for our clients.

This is growing: working so close to our customers to solve their problems, making their experience ours.

The only way to be one step forward competitors is having the strongest experience: that's what we do.


Meet all customers demands is one of the leading keys to be on the market as protagonist. This is the way we think, and it is the phylosophy at the base of our production: we do not use cast iron and molds, or PET, to build joints. Carbon and stainless steel are our materials.
This is the reason we have always been so appreciated: maximum versatility.

We do not only have experience in pipelines ambit. We also have a long tradition in medium- and light- metallic carpentry and - since 2011 - we have opened a new business unit dedicated to civil and industrial building repairings.

Since 01/2013 we have obtained S.O.A. certification, released by ARGENTA S.O.A. S.p.a., as public contractors for the following categories: OG1 (class II), OG3 (class II), OG6 (class III), and OG8 (class II).
We also have quality certification released by MOODY INTERTEK, according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.
Since 35 years we are in the front row together our customer. With mutual satisfaction.


HYDRO - COS. s.r.l.

Where we are:
SS 7 Appia - Km 611
74011 Castellaneta
Taranto | Italy
Phone: +39 0998493855
Fax: +39 0998493853


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