Super - Hydro INOX | Stainless Steel Multi-Size Joint


It is the variant of the SUPER HYDRO made in stainless steel. This allows to SUPER HYDRO INOX joint to preserve all the positive characteristics of the SUPER HYDRO, joined with an higher versatility. This makes SUPER HYDRO INOX the right solution to repair pipes involved in aggressive or industrial waters treatment and/or supply. This would not be possible with standard SUPER HYDRO, in spite of its apposite painting. It is made in AISI 304 stainless steel as standard, but is also available in AISI 316 (on request), to work with even more aggressive waters or fluids. This joint has been successfully used for maritime and sub-marine repairs. SUPER HYDRO INOX is available in standard, flanged, or any special version as for the standard SUPER HYDRO. It is also available for out-of-standard sizes on demand. EPDM sealing gasket is WRAS approved.