Special pieces

Special pieces are an important part of our production. Due to our large experiences and knowledge about pipelines and water distribution networks, we can always satisfy our customer demands, adapting special pieces to their mounting needs. One of our major aim is to simplify installation work. All special pieces are calibrated and made to fit with steel, cast iron, PVC, PET, cement-asbestos, etc. pipes, also on pressure pipelines. Some of our main special pieces are hydrants, vents, drains, curves, Tees, etc. Special pieces are build with calibrated M/F connections, with elastomeric rubber gasket for female joints, and flanges as requested by customers. We also apply the protective coatings (bituminous primer inside/outside standard), heavy bituminous outside coating, epoxy resins for feeding usage, according to laws (on request) It is also disposable the application of inorganic zinc, hot galvanization, ancd many other treatments on request.