Joints are the core-business of the company.
In our long experience in water pipelines repairing, we have achieved a large experience in joining pipes made of different materials, and different size.
Thanks to this kind of interventions, we have had the opportunity to design and produce even more evolved products, in order to avoid water lacks, simplifying work, reducing costs and increasing the reliability of repairs.
Unlike the most part of our competitors, we do not use cast iron and molds to build our joints. We use carbon steel (S235JR or higher) or stainless steel (AISI 304 and/or 316), and this gives us a huge advantage: we can comply any customer request.
Often standard joints are not sufficient to solve a given problem, so this makes necessary to modify them to accomplish the purpose.
Carbon and/or stainless steel are materials we use to build our joints, and this allows us to modify them to meet any customer request: often our joints are “single-pieces”.
Out-of-standard sizes, special pieces built on the joint body, or restraint system, are the most commons modifications required by our customers.
The whole range of products has been designed and built to comply to a large number of purposes:

SUPER-HYDRO multisize joint
HYDRO-INOX multisize joint
Bracket-repairing joint
Dismantling joint (two- or three- flanged)
Gibault joints