Super - Hydro | Carbon Steel Multi-Size Joint


It is the most important joint of our whole catalogue, designed to connect different size/materials pipes. Often happens repairing pipelines with these characteristics, so it is necessary a highly reliable and versatile joint, such as our SUPER HYDRO. Often technical, logistic, and economic troubles are too much complex to be solved saving price and time of intervention using alternative solutions to this product. SUPER HYDRO main characteristic is the large range of application, allowing a great flexibility, making the joint easy to mount and to adapt to any request. In case of a large size difference between the pipes, we have designed a variant named "reducer". In this case, the body of the joint is modified to connect pipes which could not be connected with a standard SUPER HYDRO joint. SUPER HYDRO is available in standard or flanged version, as well as out-of-standard sizes. It is also disposable with mechanical anti-slipping radial system. Both EPDM sealing gasket and epoxy powder RESICOAT R4 ES are WRAS approved.


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