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We have been able to reverse the old conception of joint. How did we do it? Proposing an innovative and revolutionary product: REVERSE HYDRO joint. This joint, due to its peculiar structure and application way, works from the inside of the pipe, and not from outside of it, as it happens for all the other kind of joints. The only things needed are a “manhole”, and a size of the pipe at least DN 1200. Working from the inside of the pipe reduces troubles related to intervention: excavation, safety measures and backfilling problems are over. REVERSE HYDRO joint is made of AISI 304 stainless steel as standard material, but is also available of AISI 316 (on request), in case of even more aggressive waters or fluids. This joint is supplied with EPDM anti-ageing rubber gasket, but we could provide some other solutions on request. It is possible to build REVERSE-HYDRO for out-of-standard pipelines too.


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